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Cory Grundmeier
Cory GrundmeierPresident

About Us

California Egg Exchange Inc. is a proud, family owned and operated company. Founded in 1985 by Cory Grundmeier.

Cory was born in Iowa where his father worked in the hatchery business, producing day old chicks. His family moved to California in 1960 where his father purchased a small poultry ranch. Cory attended college in San Luis Obispo where he studied business. After college, Cory moved back to Southern California to work for a large egg and feed co-op for seven years. After those seven years, Cory decided to start his own business.

CEE is a nationwide egg distribution and sales organization that handles and sells eggs. We are a family business that takes pride in our service, quality, competitive posture, and above all, our long term and extremely strong relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Meet Our Team

Ingrid Grundmeier
Ingrid GrundmeierVice President
Gavin Grundmeier
Gavin GrundmeierManagement Team
Chelsea Dabney
Chelsea DabneyManagement Team
Jodylynne Mitcham
Jodylynne MitchamManagement
Laura Spear
Laura Spear Management Team